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Budapest Dentist London

Dr Agnes Terenyi is one of Budapest's principle oral surgeons. She is a director of the London Dental Practice and owner of  the Archway Park Dental sister Dental Practice in Budapest.

Dr Agnes Terenyi with her Budapest dental team

With thousands of people travelling to Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria and even India and Thailand to take advantage of low-cost, high-quality dental treatment - why should you choose Budapest?


Here are 5 reasons budapest should be at the top of your list for overseas dental treatment:


#1 - Budapest's is 'the dental capital of Europe'

Budapest has earned the reputation as being the dental capital of Europe because it’s home to the internationally renowned Semmelweis University, with nearly 250 years of health care tradition. Budapest dental care standards typically exceed the standards found anywhere else in the world.


#2 - Dental treatments are 40-70% cheaper

Dental treatments in Budapest are 40-70% cheaper than the same treatments in most UK, French, Irish and Swiss dental clinics. With dentists, technicians and patient support all trained to the highest standards and fluent in English, it's little wonder people wanting significant cosmetic dental treatment choose Budapest.


#3 - Budapest led the way in dental tourism

With the emergence of low cost airlines, Budapest and its dentistry heritage quickly made it the place to visit for dental treatment. With flights just over a couple of hours and high quality cosmetic dentistry standards - suddenly the Hollywood smile became within reach of anyone who wanted it.


#4 - Budapest is a beautiful city to spend a few days

The Lonely Planet travel guide says,“Budapest is more cosmopolitan than Prague, more romantic than Warsaw and more beautiful than both.” 

It may seem a contradiction to have a dental holiday but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In the UK a dental procedure may take several weeks during which time you endure the personal discomfort and disruption to your everyday life.


#5 - Get the smile you want in a fraction of the time

Your treatment programme is shorter, typically just a couple of days. This is because where dental laboratory work is required it is express processed. This means you wait days not weeks.

Often our patients choose to take advantage and incorporate a mini break for the days in between preparation and final treatment. Spent time enjoying what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe.

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